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Residential Fencing Solutions for Every Situation
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About Us

About Our Company

I began in the fencing world as a Materials Manager at a large fencing company in Richmond where I learned, first hand, the importance of using high-quality fencing products. I developed many professional relationships with top-quality fencing professionals during that time, which would later prove invaluable.

Installing fences and working directly with customers was always my true passion, so I began taking on side jobs and helped many local subcontractors finish their jobs. This went on for several years as I honed my skills and learned every aspect of the fencing business. Sometimes, this meant learning what NOT to do as I watched those around me. It didn’t take long for me to see there was a better way to run a fencing business than what many of the local companies were doing.

So, in 2018 with a ’99 Nissan Altima and a dream..First Step Fence was born.

The 4 Key Values of Our Company

Doing QUALITY WORK through true craftsmanship and patience, always takes priority.
Listen to the needs of our CUSTOMERS and make sure we provide a great solution to their situation.
Work with a team of QUALITY PEOPLE who are well-trained, hard-working, and caring.
Providing better quality products and services at a lower price can be achieved through efficiency.

It is our absolute commitment to these key principles, combined with an uncommon work ethic that has been the key to our success.

Meet Our Team


Owner / Sales


Lead Foreman 6 years with First Step Fence


Co Foreman - 2.5 years with First Fence


Installer 6 months with First Step Fence


Installer , 8 months with First Step Fence


Mechanic/ Delivery Driver/ Wood Staining - 6 years with First Step Fence

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