About Wood Fences

One of the most important benefits of wood over other materials is that it is an environmentally friendly and very versatile option. Wood can be used in a variety of different applications and styles. Wood is your best option for creating privacy other than vinyl fencing. It is very durable and is easily replaceable over time in case of damage from weather or pets. Installation is also much easier and faster.

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About wood fencing in Richmond Virginia

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Key Benefits of Wood Fencing

No other fencing material is as versatile as wood fencing, making them a great choice for just about any situation.

Wood fences in Richmond Virginia are affordable

Wood Fences are Affordable

Wood fences are among the most affordable fencing options available to homeowners in Virginia.

Wood fences in Richmond Virginia are strong

Wood Fences are Strong

Wood fences can stand-up to high winds, harsh weather, dogs, kids, and almost anything you can throw at them!

Wood fences in Richmond Virginia are beautiful

Wood Fences are Beautiful

Wood fences offer an incredible array of styles and options. You can either stain or paint your fence to get the perfect look for you.

Key Features of Our Wood Fences

Our wood fences are custom built with many additional special features which make them some of the best wood fences you will find in the entire Richmond Virginia region.

Regardless of the specific style of wood fence you choose for your Richmond property, all of our wood fences come standard with the following key features:

  1. Posts - Our posts are installed meeting all industry standards for maximum strength. Our gate posts are reinforced with 2 full bags of concrete each and we use 6x6 gate posts - ensuring your gates never sag.
  2. Wood Rails - Unlike many competitors, we use a middle rail (a 3rd rail) for added strength and to avoid warping and bowing, commonly found in poorly installed wood fences.
  3. Wood Pickets - Our pickets use professional grade wood and are secured with professional grade fasteners. This is why our wood fences hold up so well to the Richmond Virginia climate and weather.
Wood fence features popular with Richmond Virginia homeowners

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Special Financing for Virginia residents who are adding fencing to enhance and to protect their property.

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Wood Fencing Cut Top Options

Wood Fences can be customized in an unlimited number of ways. One option you have is how you would like the top of the fence cut.

Straight Top Cut - Wood Fence Option

Richmond VirginiaStraight Top

A simple straight top cut is a popular choice with many homeowners in Richmond, VA. The clean lines look amazing especially when longer fences follow the natural contours of the land.

Convex Top Cut - Wood Fence Option

Richmond VirginiaConvex Top

Another popular choice for Richmond, VA wood fences is the convex top cut. Just about every style of wood fencing can be finished with the convex cut - including wood picket fences.

Concave Top Cut - Wood Fence Option

Richmond VirginiaConcave Top

The concave cut is another great option for wood fences in Richmond, VA. Be aware, some homeowners feel that this cut can make their fence look "shorter". This is mostly an illusion but it is something worth considering.

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  2. Fast - Then simply "draw" your fence. Don't worry about being precise. It doesn't matter. This is just for rough estimating purposes. You would have to be way "off" to make a significant difference in the price.
  3. Current - Our fence quote tool has current pricing for Wood fence in Richmond, Virginia - so your quote should be accurate enough to give you a solid idea how much this fence may cost you.
  4. Flexible - Many Richmond, Virginia area residents enjoy our instant fence quote tool because you can try different configurations and different fence types - to see what options might be best for you BEFORE ever talking to one of our fence experts.
  5. Convenient - Once you have completed the configuration of your Wood fence (or any type of fence), our fence experts will have a great start to helping you finalize your design. Making the entire fence design process faster, easier, and more convenient!
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Examples of Our Wood Fences

Wood Fence in Richmond Virginia
Wood Fence in Richmond Virginia
Wood Fence in Richmond Virginia
Wood Fence in Richmond Virginia
Wood Fence in Richmond Virginia
Wood Fence in Richmond Virginia
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Depending on the specific project we design, we use professional-grade, pressure-treated pine for our wood fences in the Richmond, Virginia area. We hand-pick and customize each board that will be used for your wood fence. We don't use premade panels.

Wood fencing is a great option for many properties and nothing quite matches the look of a well-crafted custom wood fence. It's one of the most customizable and versatile fences but it does require a bit more maintenance than other fence materials. The natural, familiar look of wood fencing is always a favorite in Richmond.

Wood fencing in Virginia is one of the best-priced fencing materials available. All fencing prices can fluctuate, and it depends on the type of wood, size, and style to know exactly what the price will be. One downside to wood fencing is its propensity to warp or rot over time, sooner than most other materials. This should be factored into the overall cost as repairs and maintenance add up as well.

Wood fences do require more maintenance than some other types of fencing, but when properly cared for, they have an unmatched beauty that makes the extra effort worthwhile. To ensure the longevity of your wood fence, begin with the application of a high-quality stain or paint product and recoat every 2-3 years. We recommend that you check your fence now and then for any problem areas you may notice, like boards warping or cracking, and get the problem areas fixed right away. Regular upkeep will allow your wood fence to last longer.

We will custom-build your wood fence in styles that will give you the privacy you would like for your property. Wood fences can be built in solid panel or semi-private designs based on your preferences and needs. You can even adjust the height of your fence and the shape of the picket tops.

When treated with care and protection, wood fences can last up to 20 years. Wood fences are susceptible to rot and warping, however, if properly maintained with high-quality paint or stain and examined regularly for damage, a wood fence may last for decades. The type of wood your fence is made out of can also affect how long it will last. We use a high-quality, pressure-treated pine that will outperform traditional wood.

Wood Fence FAQs

Getting the dirt on wood fences.

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