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Chain link fences are a great choice for so many situations. The new "technology" and options that come standard with most chain link fences make chain link fences versatile enough and strong enough to meet just about any situation while also keeping the price down to a level that most people can afford.

Galvanized chain link fencing is rust resistant while PVC coated chain link fences are attractive and even longer-lasting fence solutions often used for homes, municipal applications, and every type of commercial fencing application.

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Chain Link Fence in Richmond Virginia
Chain Link Fence in Richmond Virginia
Chain Link Fence in Richmond Virginia
Chain Link Fence in Richmond Virginia
Chain Link Fence in Richmond Virginia
Chain Link Fence in Richmond Virginia
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Generally, chain link fencing tends to be among the most affordable fencing materials, although prices can fluctuate.

Our most popular chain link fences come in 4', 5', and 6' heights. They can also come in a traditional galvanized metal as well as a black PVC-coated style. Let our fence specialists know about your project details so we can help you determine what is the best fence for you.

Chain link fences are popular everywhere, and Richmond, Virginia is no different. Chain link is a strong, durable material that is low maintenance, too. Many people prefer chain link fences for their dog yards, pool yards, and any kind of space that needs security and protection. The versatility and relatively low cost of chain link fencing make it a great choice for just about any situation or location.

It's fairly easy to secure your chain link fence from being able to be pushed out for an animal to escape. All you need to add is a bottom tension wire to reinforce the fabric and frame. Tension wire can be added in a variety of gauges just like the chain link fabric itself can be adjusted. If a tension wire is not enough, a bottom rail could also be installed for a stronger barrier.

Chain link fencing is totally appropriate for providing protection for pools in the Richmond, Virginia area and can be configured to meet pool safety regulations. We recommend choosing a PVC-coated mesh to give your chain link fence additional protection from pool water and the elements.

Chain link fencing is maintenance-free! No need to treat it or clean it, except to spray it down with a hose once a year if it builds up a little dirt. The galvanized zinc coating helps protect the steel from rust and corrosion and when you buy a PVC-coated steel fence, that adds another layer of protection, giving you a fence that will stand on its own for many years to come.

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