Finding a great Richmond Virginia fence company involves connecting with a company that is established and reputable. Property owners all across the area are always looking for a company they can trust that has what they need. Not only do you need a company that will be good at fence installation, but there are other factors that ensure you are getting what you want from your fence investment. 


With changes in the market all over the country and the rise in prices, too, it’s even more critical for each property owner to take an extra hard look at the Richmond Virginia fence company they are planning to hire. Always look at the details and how it will impact you and your fence project.

What Builds Trust With A Richmond Virginia Fence Company

How can you know who to trust in the greater Richmond area? We can tell you a few different topics that can set some companies apart from the rest. Check out this basic list to start with.

Full Company Licensing and Insurance 

When you work with a company who is licensed and insured, you know right away they are not trying to cut corners for a quick buck. Check with the company you hire to find out if they are insured for both their work and covering their workers as well. This creates a better sense of legitimacy in a fence company or any contractor.


You can be sure First Step Fence is insured and covered for all of the work we do in and around Richmond, Virginia.

Warranties They Offer for Fences

Choose a Richmond Virginia fence company that offers a workmanship warranty on their installations on top of the manufacturer’s warranty that comes with your fence of choice. Be sure the company you hire takes pride in the work that they do and covers it for a certain time period beyond the installation day. Most fence types other than wood also carry warranties from the manufacturer’s for extra coverage on the actual material. This is an important part to learn about when you’re designing your fence.


First Step Fence offers a 1 year workmanship warranty on every job we complete. In the unlikely chance that there are problems or concerns, we will have it covered!

They Have Lots of Great Customer Reviews!

Before you even call a company, it’s a good idea to read over some of their customer reviews and see what other real live people are saying. Fence companies all across Richmond Virginia receive a range of reviews from their customers that can give you a lot of information about what they offer and how they work. Check out all the online reviews you can find and even keep an eye out in your neighborhood for fence company badges that’ll show you who installed them. Do a little research of the company website and social media to see what they offer and what they stay involved in in the local community.


First Step Fence has customer reviews on our website. Check them out and then check out all of the fence types and styles we offer with examples in our photo gallery of completed work and examples on our fence pages for availability. 

Familiar With A Variety of Fence Types

Many people want options as they decide what fence they need for their Richmond property. Choose a fence company that offers a range of fence types and customizations. Though material supply at the moment can be sparse in certain products and colors, a good company will have knowledge of installation for multiple fence types.


First Step Fence works with installation of wood fence, aluminum fence, chain link fence, and vinyl fence. All of our styles and products are quality and we can help guide you to the right option to fit your needs.

Now You Can Work With a Great Richmond Virginia Fence Company! 

Fence material costs have risen and there has been an added challenge of material shortages in certain places and types. Knowing this, you want to be connected to a company who knows the industry and what they can offer to you in available options.


It’s also important to work with a fence company who will last and be around when you need them in the future. 

Fence companies both large and small can be reputable and stable businesses to work with in the Richmond area. It’s less about the size of the company and more about the factors they have in place to keep their doors open with quality people, quality materials and a good reputation in the community.


The professionals at First Step Fence are the ones you can count on. Our company experience is high, our customer satisfaction is great, and we are growing in the Richmond area with each new installation we complete. We have the expertise, the talent, and the dedication to provide every customer with the best possible service you’ll find in fencing in Virginia!

For Peace of Mind, Choose Our Richmond Virginia Fence Company

Come to First Step Fence for all of your fencing needs in the Richmond, Virginia area. We take pride in our workmanship and take steps to ensure you can depend on our services and products. For your fence projects now and in the future, work with us! Call and speak with one of our experts at (804) 306-0492 or contact us online. We are ready to serve you!