The safety and security of your dog should be a top priority for any dog owner in the Richmond, Virginia area and beyond. A fenced-in yard lets your dog run, play, smell, and sniff, all while keeping them safe and contained. Your Richmond, Virginia fence company experts at First Step Fence can help you decide which fence is best for your furry friend. Here is a brief overview of some of the most popular options to choose from for your Richmond, VA residential fence.

Safeguard Your Pet With Wood Fencing

Wood fencing provides a sufficient amount of privacy and security for your dog and gives your yard a more natural look. With its many different types, you’ll be able to customize the look of your wood fence to match your style.  If you have an excitable dog who tends to bark a lot, most styles of wood fencing will prevent your dog from seeing the areas surrounding your yard, making it a great option to help curb excessive barking, as well as acting as a sound barrier. 


Since wood fences can be built at varying heights, a taller fence may help to contain a dog who likes to jump or chase things. However, wood is less resistant to the damage a dog may cause by scratching, jumping, and chewing at it and will need to be repaired or replaced more often over time. Visit our wood fencing page for more information about what Richmond, VA residential fence styles might be best for you and your dog.

Dog-proof Fencing With Vinyl 

Vinyl fencing is a great option for dog owners as they are incredibly durable, lasting decades without having to commit too much time to maintenance and repair. Fences made from vinyl are more flexible, which is important if you have a bigger dog who likes to jump up or stand against the fence, as it is able to better absorb heavier weight and pressure. 


The height of your vinyl fence can also make it more difficult for your dog to climb or jump over. Vinyl fencing is also a good option as it is easily cleaned with minimal effort, using some soap and water to remove paw prints from furry friends who might like to jump or scratch. Check out our vinyl fence page to learn more about the different options.

Aluminum Fencing Provides Safety For Your Pup

Aluminum is one of the most secure and sturdy materials you can use for fencing. The durability and safety in combination with its low maintenance make it an excellent option for pet owners. It’s also very versatile, making it easy to add a stylish, elegant look to your backyard. 


Aluminum fencing is a great choice for keeping your dog safe and secure within your yard since it is resistant to any damage pets may cause. However, since pets can see the street and surrounding areas with many types of aluminum fencing, it may be difficult to control their barking if they tend to do so. Visit our aluminum fencing page on our website to see the many styles available.

Chain Link Fencing Makes a Great Dog Enclosure

Chain link fencing is one of the most popular choices for homeowners and dog owners alike. It is much more affordable than other types of Richmond, VA residential fences, and is fairly easy to maintain. There are several options for customization such as color, height, and the choice of galvanized or PVC options which make them even more long-lasting and rust-resistant. Although chain link fencing will keep your dog out of harm’s way, it will give them a clear view of the surrounding areas, which may encourage barking. Visit our chain link fencing page today for more information.


Wood fencing, aluminum fencing, vinyl fencing, and chain link fencing are all popular options in terms of safety for your dog. Each type of fencing will keep your dog protected and secure within your yard. Keep in mind your dog’s personality and temperament. If they tend to bark a lot, then a more private fence that blocks views will help limit distractions. If they can get out easily, then a tall fence might prevent jumping and escaping. A durable, low-maintenance fence that can withstand damage from your dog if they tend to jump, paw, or scratch may be the best fit for you. Contact our fence company experts to discuss which Richmond, VA residential fence option is the best solution for you and your dog!

The Best Fencing Protection for Your Family and Pets

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