Installing a residential fence can be a great way to keep your home, family, and belongings secure in Richmond, VA and the surrounding areas. When your family’s safety is at stake, the type of fence, the material it’s made from, and its style are all important things that should be considered. First Step Fence is a top fencing contractor in Richmond, VA with several years of experience. We believe that you should consider these seven things when thinking about installing a security fence. 

7 Qualities of an Effective Security Fence

Keeping your property safe while also providing curb appeal can be a challenge, but we believe you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. While security fencing brings you peace of mind, there are many options that are aesthetically pleasing as well. As a top-rated Richmond, Virginia fence company, we’d like to share seven features to consider as you choose a security fence that meets your needs.

#1 – Make it Taller

The height of your fence is one of the first things to consider. Tall fences are much harder to climb and will discourage intruders. You will need to check the zoning restrictions in your area, as some towns, cities, and homeowners associations limit fence heights to six feet. An 8-foot or higher fence is more desirable for security fencing, as the priority is to choose a fence that is difficult to scale.  

Just having a fence in place can make your property look more secure. If you are not able to install a tall fence, having even a small, ornamental fence can cause a would-be intruder to think twice about entering your property. Anything that keeps a burglar from being able to quickly get in and out of your property unnoticed can help to keep you safer. The harder it is for burglars to easily move things off your property, the better. 

#2 – Create Good Visibility

Clear visibility is important when planning your project with a Richmond, Virginia fence company. If possible, it’s best to be able to see through to the opposite side of your fence so that you will notice if someone is creeping around on the other side. Having a good line of sight ensures that if someone is trying to break in, you will see them and have time to call for help before they make it over your fence. Fences that allow clear visibility are some of the best choices for security fences. If a would-be thief is able to make it over a fence with open rails, they will still be visible from the street which makes it difficult for them to go unnoticed.

#3 – Get Rid of Hiding Places

Do your best to keep obstructions like sheds, bushes, dog houses, or other structures away from your fence line. These things can limit visibility and also provide intruders with good places to hide out, which decreases the effectiveness of a security fence.

#4 – Make the Climb a Challenge

Increasing the effectiveness of your fence by choosing a design with few horizontal rails will make climbing a lot more difficult. If you happen to choose a chain link fence, make it more challenging to climb by choosing one with smaller holes. Adding spikes, points, razor or barbed wire to the top can make the fence difficult and dangerous for an intruder to grasp. 

#5 – Choose Strong Materials

If an intruder has enough time, determination, and motivation, nearly any fence can be cut, bent, and eventually breached. By choosing the highest grade material possible you make it more difficult for someone who is bent on harm or property damage to enter your property. For example, a commercial-grade aluminum fence or chain link fence with a heavier gauge wire will be stronger than the standard residential grade. Choosing the stronger material will make it more difficult for anyone trying to break in, and the longer you can keep someone out, the better. 

#6 – Optional Deterrents to Your Fence Top

There are a few additional steps you can take to increase the effectiveness of your security fence. If you choose chain link fencing one way to bolster security is to add razor or barbed wire to the top. Be sure to check your local code enforcement department to make sure you can install these without penalty. If you choose vinyl or aluminum fencing, the installation of spikes on the fence top will make your fence harder to scale. 

#7 – Install Security Cameras and Lighting

Installing security cameras and additional lighting will enhance all of the other security measures we have discussed so far. It’s much harder for an intruder to remain unnoticed if the area around your property is well-lit. Also, the threat of being caught on camera will more often than not persuade a would-be intruder to move on. 

Which Fence Should You Choose?

Now you’ve read the above mentioned tips, you’ve probably decided what you need to implement in your security fence design. But what style and materials will you choose? We offer aluminum, wood, chain-link, or vinyl fences in various styles and with various features to meet your needs and priorities. 


When you’re ready to design your new fence, let an expert fencing contractor in Richmond, VA help you with the process. You can call us or use our online quote tool to get a quick, easy estimate in just a few minutes. 

Which Richmond, Virginia Fence Company Should You Hire

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