Home improvement projects are time-consuming and challenging so finding one contractor to handle several aspects of a large project is a big plus! If you want a great fencing contractor in Richmond, VA, who will not only install a strong, good-looking fence but will also be able to provide high-quality staining services to protect your investment, then you’ve found the company that can do it all!


As a leading fencing contractor in Richmond, VA, First Step Fence has worked hard to establish itself on the principles of quality, attentive customer service, teamwork, and efficiency. We have been able to build our reputation by following these principles over the past five years, and now we are excited to introduce our next venture, Richmond Stain Company. We are thrilled that we will be able to provide comprehensive service for all of our customer’s fencing needs –  from choosing the right fence, providing expert installation, and now offering staining services to protect your investment. 

Choosing a Local Richmond, VA Fence Staining Company

We believe strong businesses are foundational to strong communities. First Step Fence has established our reputation and our company by investing in the Richmond area. We have built our fence company by providing trustworthy, reliable service and now we are expanding our services through our new company, Richmond Stain. When you choose First Step Fence and Richmond Stain Company, you support local businesses that take pride in being a valued part of the community.

Finding A Top-Rated Richmond, VA Fence Staining Company

We understand that you want to find a high-quality Richmond, VA fence staining company, and we believe that you should get the highest quality staining services for the best price. The following factors are what make us an excellent choice for your next wood staining project: 

  • Quality Work

    As an experienced fencing contractor in Richmond, VA, we have seen firsthand what happens when property owners choose low-bid companies. These companies tend to use poor-quality materials, do shoddy installations, or worse yet, take money and neglect to finish the project. First Step Fence has become a reliable, trusted fencing company in the Richmond area by working hard and staying committed to our values. We started Richmond Stain with the same foundational values. 

  • Excellent Materials

    Richmond Stain products are some of the best in the industry. We use oil-based stains from Stain & Seal Experts that are available in several colors and levels of transparency. Environmentally friendly and safe for your family, our products are exceptional. 

  • Trusted Guarantees

    Our stains come with a 1-year to 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, depending on which type of stain you purchase. Additionally, we offer a 30-day workmanship warranty on our services. We are proud of our work and our products, and we guarantee every project we complete.  

What Types of Staining Services Does Richmond Stain Offer?

Richmond Stain provides fence and deck staining services in Richmond, VA, and the surrounding region. By using expert methods and high-quality oil-based stains, we guarantee that we will provide the best stain service for your project. Richmond Stain has solutions for all of your wood staining needs! 

  • Fence Staining 

We are excited to share that Richmond Stain Company offers fence staining services for all types of wood fences. Once you have invested in a wood fence, you must seal it to keep it functional, sturdy, and attractive. We use oil-based stains that deeply soak into the wood for both maximum protection and curb appeal. Environmentally friendly, safe for your family, and available in many colors and transparencies, our stains are long-lasting and exceptionally designed to protect your fence. 

  • Deck Staining

In addition to fence staining, Richmond Stain Company offers deck staining services for decks of every size. Sealing your wood deck is essential to preserve its structural integrity. Staining will also add beauty to your deck. Choose from a variety of colors and transparencies to find the stain that is perfect for your deck. Our oil-based stains are environmentally safe and will provide the highest level of protection. 


Once you have had your fence or deck installed by a fencing contractor in Richmond, VA, you can extend its longevity, protect it, and preserve it by properly staining it. The stain will usually last for several years, but once it starts to fade, it should be re-applied. Proper maintenance and timely care are essential to maintaining your natural wood’s integrity. Just give us a call when it’s time to re-stain, and we’ll be right there! 

Give The Best Richmond, Virginia Fence Staining Company A Call Today!

First Step Fence is here for all of your fencing needs, and we are proud to have established Richmond Stain Company to provide all of your fence and deck staining needs. Our friendly, trained staff is here to answer your questions and assist you. Call us at 804-306-0492 or contact us online to see what separates us from the competition!