There are many benefits to installing a brand new fence around your property. The obvious ones being privacy, security, and aesthetics. But have you ever considered that having a fence would also increase your home’s value? Knowing this can give you the confidence that having a fence installed by a trustworthy Richmond, Virginia fence company like First Step Fence will be a great investment for you and your family but for potential future owners of your home as well. 

Four Ways a Fence Can Add Value to Your Property

Adding a fence to your property could provide the opportunity for you to sell your home a little faster. If a buyer is trying to decide between your home and someone else’s, having an attractive, functional fence could be the deciding factor. As an expert Richmond, Virginia fence company, we’re sharing four ways a fence can add value to your property.  

Boost Curb Appeal With Your Fence

An attractive fence can greatly improve the aesthetics of your home. Whether it’s a white picket fence around a garden, the fresh look of vinyl, the elegant, classic look of aluminum, or a modern dark stained wood, it’s hard to deny the charm that is added by a fence. First impressions are important when you welcome guests and potential buyers to your home.

Increase Security For Your Family

If potential buyers have small children and pets, they will more than likely be willing to pay a little more for a home that already has a fence installed. Having a safe place for children and pets to run will be a top priority for the majority of buyers that have a family. If your backyard has a secure and well-maintained fence, it will provide the level of protection many people are looking for. 

Enjoy Your Privacy

Another benefit of a Richmond, VA residential fence is the privacy a fenced perimeter around your home can provide. If a potential homebuyer is looking for an environment conducive to entertaining or just relaxing outside as a family, then they will definitely appreciate a privacy fence. Fences can help to improve security and also provide a sound barrier for both you and any neighbors that might be in close proximity. 

Ensure Safety Around Your Pool

Even if your home does not currently have a pool, knowing that a fence is in place in case a potential buyer may want to install a pool in the future will be a great selling point. If your home has an outdoor swimming pool, there will be specific laws pertaining to your area that must be adhered to. A gated fence surrounding a swimming pool is a necessary safety precaution, especially for children and pets who aren’t proficient swimmers. 

Popular Types of Residential Fences in Virginia

Hopefully, by now, you can see how installing a Richmond, VA residential fence can increase the property value of your home and make it an attractive selling feature for potential homebuyers. Once you have decided that installing a fence is a good investment for you, the next question is what type should you install? As you are deciding what type and style would best fit your needs and budget you can browse our photo gallery to see some of the past projects we’ve done and get some of your own inspiration! 

Wood Fencing Options 

If you want natural beauty and affordability, wood residential fencing is an excellent choice for your property. A wood fence provides a classic and natural appearance that blends in perfectly with any setting or style of home in Virginia. A wood fence is environmentally and budget friendly and can be customized in height and design. At First Step Fence, we go above and beyond when installing our wood fences. Our posts are installed for maximum strength, and to avoid warping or bowing, we install a third horizontal rail for added resistance to weather and regular wear and tear, something not many of our competitors do.

Vinyl Fencing Options 

Vinyl fencing is a great option if you want a fence that is low maintenance, long-lasting, and gives great privacy and security. To clean a vinyl fence, all you need is a rag, a hose, and occasionally a gentle cleanser. White vinyl does not fade in color and can stand up to the Richmond, VA elements very well!

Chain Link Fencing Options

Residential chain link fencing provides safety and security for you and your family in a quick and affordable way. By opting for a couple of upgrades to your chain link fence, you can improve the look, durability and even increase your privacy. Even though chain link fencing can last up to twenty years, by choosing the PVC coating option you can extend the longevity of your fence even more. Adding privacy slats not only enhances the look of your fence, but it also obscures the view into your yard giving you and your family the freedom to play outside without worrying about onlookers.

Aluminum Fencing in Richmond, VA

Aluminum residential fencing is an elegant and virtually maintenance-free fencing option that creates a classic appearance. While an aluminum fence is not the best choice if you’re trying to achieve privacy, it is an excellent choice for protecting and beautifying your property while also providing value. By choosing an aluminum fence, you are guaranteed a strong, long-lasting, beautiful fence for years to come.

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