A new vinyl fence for your home may not be the biggest expense you’ll ever have, but it’s always good to save a little and get more value for money. Read on to learn exactly why vinyl is a great choice for a budget-friendly Richmond VA residential fence. 

No Maintenance is Needed on Vinyl Fencing

Because vinyl fencing never needs painting or staining and doesn’t rust or rot, there is essentially no cost to own the fence for decades. If you compare the cost of stain or paint and the time required to repeatedly protect the other types of fencing (wood fence, metal fencing), over time, a vinyl fence might actually be the lowest-priced fence in terms of the total cost of ownership. 


Also, keeping your vinyl fence clean and looking brand new is also easy! Just a quick spray with a hose can rinse off any dust or dirt on a vinyl fence so you’ll save both time and money by not having to do a deep cleaning on your fence several times per year.

The Durability and Strength of Vinyl Fencing

Quality lasts. You may spend a bit more on a vinyl fence initially, but the better material lasts longer. Vinyl fencing is made of a hard, durable material that is flexible but does not break easily – it’s built to last!. If safety is a primary concern, vinyl will keep both you and your valuables safely surrounded by a strong border. Vinyl fences can withstand harsh weather in the Richmond, VA area too. 


In the unlikely event that your vinyl fence has any issues due to manufacturing, we recommend and install vinyl fencing because they come with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty (not that you will probably ever need it!) You can be assured that choosing vinyl as your Richmond, VA residential fence is a smart investment.

Think Long-Term

You may want to consider that the fence you choose now may potentially be an attractive selling feature for your home in the future.  Your fence will be on display to anyone passing by your home and is one of the first things home buyers will see. Great first impressions are important if you are looking to impress guests and potential home buyers, a beautiful fence will benefit your home aesthetically and increase buyer interest.

Share With Neighbors

If you are building along the boundary line, then the neighbors may chip in with the costs. Neighbors often like to pitch in on shared projects. It gives them a say in the look and design of the fence, which also builds good relations on the block.

Tell your neighbors when you are planning a fence, it will only benefit you both, and save you money.

Can a Fence Protect You From Litigation?

They say it takes a village to raise a child. What they don’t talk about so much is how you can be held responsible for things that happen to a child on your property. Whether it’s your child or someone else’s, in cases such as unattended backyard equipment or pool accidents with young children, the owner of the health hazard in question can be held accountable. 


Nowadays, people have a variety of uses for their yards. For some, it might be recreation, such as a backyard pool. For some, it might be storage. Some may use the side or back of their homes to store a variety of items, like power tools or bladed instruments, where you might think they are set safely aside from the public eye, but you don’t want to leave the possibility of injury to chance. If someone gets injured because of a hazard on the property, that person can sue the owner for the damages that he or she sustained in the accident. It’s always a good idea to keep your pool or potentially hazardous tools safe and secure from anyone outside of your yard with a proper fence.

Want to Use Vinyl as Your Richmond, VA Residential Fence?

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